Resume / CV


156 Girard Street,
San Francisco,
CA 94134 (415) 385-4136


UI/UX design, product design, concept art, and final implementation. Additional experince in art direction, animation, story boards, 3d modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, FX, video editing, illustration, photography, and graphic design.


Photoshop, Flash, Maya, 3DS Max, UI Composer, Premiere, Balsamix, Dreamweaver, Source Safe, CVS, SVN, and various inhouse tools.


Windows 7, XP, 2000, 98, 95, NT, DOS, UNIX, MAC OS X.


CCSF 2011 - San Francisco, CA
User Expererince, HTML CSS, Flash Animation, Dreamweaver, Advanced Studio Lighting, Portraiture, Business Practices, and Documentary Photography.
Berkeley Community College 2008 - Berkeley, CA
Flash Animation.
SFSU 2006 - San Francisco, CA
Flash Fundamentals, Mac OS.
Academy of Art 1997 - San Francisco, CA
Digital Production Studio, Digital Effects for Film and Television. Alias 
Power Animator, Wavefront 3D, Composer, Pandemonium, and UNIX.
Columbia College 1983 - Columbia, MO
BFA Cum Laude, GPA 3.75, Painting, Photography, and Ceramics.


The Foundry 04/15-6/15 - Product Designer. Redwood City, CA
Translating real world client workflow challenges into innovative custom solutions based on existing technology or newly created technology. Designing user interaction models, workflows & user interfaces. Integrating internal & external product design into a cohesive user experience. Distilling information from Design Creative Specialists into tangible engineering tasks. Advocating for the user by influencing decisions to ensure that product design & content strategy are aligned to user needs & expectations. Drive the engineering team to conduct rapid iterative usability testing & research to improve product designs.
Volkswagen Electronic Research Lab 02/13-11/14 - 3D UI/UX Designer. Belmont, CA
Real Time 3D Modeling and Animation, User Experience Scenarios, and Wireframes, User Interface and Industrial Design, Storyboards, and Motion Graphics for the next generation of smart cars using Maya, 3DS Max, UI Composer, Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator. Working for Volkswagen in conjunction with Google/Motorola as a member of the Multimedia Team on Advanced Visualization projects prototyping the center console multimedia screen and the digital instrument cluster. Conceived, coordinated project approval, secured funding, and initiated development of an augmented audio guide for the Björk retrospective currently at MOMA in NYC that creates a 3D listening experience by building on the combination of signal processing, location-based trigger points, and movements of each individual to create a customizable experience for each visitor of the exhibit.

Demo Reel Automotive

Kabam 07/13-9/13 - UI/UX Artist. San Francisco, CA
Redesigned and imlemented The Godfather online free to play MMO User Interface for IOS and web, creating a native iPad experince.

Bigpoint 03/11-7/13 - User Interface/Front End Artist. San Francisco, CA
Designed and implemented UI art in Flash and Unity for free to play Battlestar Galactica and The Mummy Online.
Onag Group 10/10-2/1 Flash Animator. San Francisco, CA
Animation and FX for free to play online Karma game.
SonicJam Inc  10/07-01/10 - Creative Director. San Francisco, CA
Designed free to play online Flash game, prototyped UI/UX, defined art development path, managed team of animators, graphic artists, audio engineers, and coordinated art with engineering.
Expression College for Digital Arts 7/06 - 7/09- Course Director. Emeryville, CA
Course Director for Design Basics  (Color Theory,  Composition,  Sculpture,  Painting, and Art History).
Lab Instructor for Concept and Imaging using Photoshop, 3D Modeling, Texture and Lighting using Maya.
Red Hill Studios 3/06 - 09/06 - Lead Artist. Larkspur, CA
Concept art, illustration, design, environments, characters, and UI/UX for online Flash games.
Electronic Arts 2/90 - 3/01 and 5/05 - 7/05  - Senior 2D/3D Digital Artist/Animator. Redwood City, CA
3D modeling, animation, texture mapping, illustration, lighting, rendering, compositing, graphic design, asset management and art direction. Responsible for creation of content while providing direction and support in all areas of art production as necessary. Collaborated with engineers developing tool path and implementation. Interfaced with producers to evaluate project status, define and prioritize tasks. Photographed reference, sketched storyboards and concept art.  Art directed EA*KIDS product line. Recieved State of the Arts and Rookie of the Year awards.
Art Institute of California 8/04 - 6/05 - Maya Instructor. San Francisco, CA 
3D modeling, lighting and texture mapping.
Expresso Fitness 7/04 - 4/05 - Lead 2D/3D Digital Artist. Sunnyvale, CA 
3D modeling and texture mapping naturalistic environment for game attached to exercise bike. 
Totally Games 3/03 - 8/03 - Senior User Interface Artist. San Rafael, CA 
User Interface art. Layout, 2D backgrounds, 3D HUD icons. Photography and compositing for backgrounds.
Hoplite Research 10/02 - 2/03 - Art Director. Oakland, CA
3D modeling and texture mapping characters, scheduling, and art direction.
Blue Shift 5/01 - 9/02 - Lead 2D/3D Digital Artist/Animator. Palo Alto, CA
3D modeling, texture mapping, and character set up, environments and FX. Concept art, animation, project management, direction and 
The SoftAd Group 10/89 - 2/90 - Computer Graphic Artist. Sausalito, CA
Computer graphics, animation, UI, and storyboards for advertising and multimedia presentations.
Epyx 4/88 - 10/89 Computer Graphic Artist. Redwood City, CA
2D/3D computer graphics, animation, modeling, and user interfaces. 
Spectrum Holobyte 5/87 - 4/88 - 2D/3D Digital Artist/Animator. Alameda, CA
Computer graphics, animation, user interfaces, package design and illustration.
Krames Communications 9/85 - 2/88- Illustrator/layout artist. Daly City, CA
Graphic design, comps, watercolor and airbrush illustration for print.
Columbia Daily Tribune 2/ 82 - 4/84 - Illustrator, process operator. Columbia, MO



     The Godfather/FTP MMO/iPad User interface and concept Art. 2012
     Battlestar Gallactica Online/FTP MMO - User interface and concept Art. 2011
     The Mummy Online/FTP MMO - User interface icons. 2012
Onaga Group
     Karma Game FX animation in Flash for FTP online game . 2010
     SonicJam - Art direction and project management. UI design and concept art for Flash game. 2009
     Bio Investigators PCCD, Mac - Concept Art and UI design. 2007
     FreedomFighters56/PCCD, Mac - Illustrated story, created environments, objects, UI designs. 2006
    Sims2/XBOX/PS2/GAMECUBE 2005 - Modeled, texture mapped, & animated objects. Created illustration for UI.
     James Bond TWINE/PS2 2001 - Modeled & texture mapped various objects with Photoshop & 3dStudio Max.  
     Used Maya to animate, edit motion capture & texture map characters. Created graphics for Front End &              
     User Interface as well as textures for objects & characters. Edited shaders & scripts. Supervised User 
     Interface artists & programmers. Managed & reviewed lip sync deliveries by outside contractors.
     Road Rash Jail Break/PSX 2000- Modeled & texture mapped buildings, objects, & terrain using 3Dstudio Max,
     & Photoshop. Animated & composited cinematic sequences with Alias & composer.
     Future Cop/PSX 1999 - Used SoftImage & Photoshop to model & texture map level for the PSX.
     Soviet 1998 & Nuclear Strike/ PSX/ Sega Saturn/ PCCD 1997- Used Wavefront 3design, Alias, Composer, &  
     Photoshop to create cinematic animation, 3d landscapes, & in-game models. Photographed source art for 
     textures & created examples to establish look. Defined task lists & provided reference to game 
     designers. Created title page, rendered maps & models for interface, posters, & box cover. 
     Hot Pursuit/PSX 1996- Modeled & texture mapped polygonal buildings in Alias. Sketched & painted 
     conceptual art. Documented art creation methods, technical pathways, & naming conventions.
     PGA Tour Golf/PCCD/PSX 1995- Designed & executed title animation & in-game interface icons.
     Hoover Traxx/Coin-Op - 1994Developed characters & illustrated portraits.
     Cage Ball/Coin-Op 1994 - Developed characters, modeled & texture mapped 3d Court in SoftImage.
     Shaq Attaq/Coin-Op 1994 - Modeled & texture mapped 3d basketball court in Alias.
     PeterPan/3D0  1993-Supervised art team, development tools, & processes. Reviewed & revised animation.
     Video Jam/IBM 1993 Designed & animated characters, UI graphics & backgrounds. Directed outside artists.
     Established look with examples, reviewed & critiqued deliveries. Met and evaluated outside developers
     to appraise producers of risks, feasibility, & technical requirements.
     EA*KIDS Art Center/Mac 1993- Defined tasks, made estimates, managed outside artists, & coordinated with 
     producers to execute game in timely, cost effective manner.
     EA*KIDS Theater/PC - 1993 Designed & executed simple interface for kids to launch/install games which 
     established a standard for all EA*KIDS games and defined the brand.
     Road Rash1 1991&2 1992 /Sega - Supervised art team, estimated task list, created biker animation, backgrounds, 
     interface graphics & portraits. Designed & created cinematic conclusion animation.
     Mutant League Football/Sega 1992- Designed & executed player animations, translated technical direction 
     and defined tasks for art team, animated intro & illustrated fields.
     Madden Football/Sega/Coin-Op -1991 Animated 2d football players, created interface graphics.
     Lakers vs Celtics/Sega - 1990 Created character animation and broadcast graphics look for user interface. 
     Animation reused in Bulls/Blazers, Bulls/Lakers, and Team USA.
     Secret Weapons Over Normandy/Xbox/PS2/PCCD 2003 - Modeled & rendered 3D HUD dials. Shot photos & 
     composited backgrounds for User Interface. Used inhouse tools for layout.
     Dead Zone 2002 - Pitched game prototype to publishers & coordinated photo shoots. Estimated schedule & 
     organized assets. Supervised & directed artists. Modeled & texture mapped character.
     Toxic Grind/Xbox 2002- Modeled & texture mapped characters & environments using Maya. Sketched 
     concepts. Created & animated SFX. Supervised artists, schedules & reviews.
     World Series Baseball/Xbox/GCA/PS2 2001- Textured & modeled heads. Edited motion capture.
     Blue Lightning/Atari Lynx 1989- Designed & executed all graphics & animation for the first game to be  
     bundled with the hand held Lynx. Worked directly with the engineers to create a game that showcased the
     capabilities of the hardware. Modeled & animated a plane & tank in Swivel 3D. 
     Electro Cop & California Games /Atari Lynx 1989 - 3D textures & animation.
     Summer Games/IBM/Apple/C-641988 -Backgrounds & animation for archery event.
     California Games 2/IBM 1988- Backgrounds & animation for skateboarding event.
     Omnicron Conspiracy/IBM - 1988 Backgrounds & animation for graphic adventure.
     Falcon AT/IBM 1988 -Created interface graphics & game backgrounds.
     Tetris/Mac 1987 -Illustrated backgrounds in 256 colors.
     Ace of Aces/IBM 1987-Created backgrounds & animation.